Alexander Levon

Professor Alexander Levon

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Citizenship: Ukraine. Communication languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German (passive). Addresses: Office - Institute for Nuclear Research, Prospekt Nauki 47, Kiev - 03680, Ukraine. tel. +380 44 5253759, fax. +380 44 5254463. E-mail: Home - Lomonosova Str. 24, Apt. 127, Kiev-252022, Ukraine. tel. +380 44 2583587.

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Academic honours and awards: 1982 - Prize of Academy of Sciences in physics for "Investigation of the nuclear structure with the help of magnetic moments of aligned states".

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Area of interests: Nuclear gamma- and particle- spectroscopy, electromagnetic moments of nuclei, transitions probabilities, nuclear structure, experimental technique, applied nuclear physics.

Major Conferences and schools: All-Union Conf. on Nuclear Spectroscopy and Nuclear Structure, 1968-1990, 1998, 2002, 2005, 1984 (invited speaker); All-Union School in Nuclear Physics, Alushta, 1975 (invited speaker), Bukhara, 1980 (invited speaker), Vilnius, 1984 (invited speaker); Int. School-Seminar on Hyperfine Interaction, Prague, 1988 (invited speaker); Int. Conf. on Hyperfine Interaction, Uppsala 1974, Berlin 1980, Bangalore 1986, Prague 1989; Int. Conf. Coexistence of Single and Collective Types of excitation, Balatonfured, 1975; Int. Conf. on Radial Shapes of Nuclei, Krakow 1976. Meeting of German Physical Society, 1991-1995. Int. School on Heavy Ion Physics, Erice, Italy, 1997 (invited speaker); Eur. Conf on Advances in Nucl. Phys. And Related Areas, Thessalonica, Greece, 1997; 3rd and 4th Int. Conf. on Modern Probl. Of Nucl. Phys. Bukhara, Uzbekistan, 1999, 2002.

The list of the most important publications one can see here.